Delivery and deployment of solutions for all your national and international events

With a comprehensive offer tailored to your needs, WEL guarantees the success of all your national and international events. Delegate all logistics management to a trusted partner while you organize your trade show agenda. You can thus focus on your core business while WEL ensures the delivery of your goods in complete safety and on time.


Our expertise covers all your needs

If WEL is today a leading company and a major player in the sector, it is because we can rely on both technical and human skills. Indeed, whatever the complexity of our customer's requests, the results obtained always demonstrate great professionalism.

Thanks to a recognized methodology and reliable tools, we know that we have no right to make mistakes: 100% success in the delivery of the goods entrusted to us is our only goal.

To do this, we offer a turnkey solution from the removal of the goods from your address until the arrival at your stand. We thus ensure its routing, delivery, unpacking and installation at destination (on request).


Before the event

Collection, control and protection of products: following the removal of your goods, our experts can define and tailor suitable packaging perfectly suited to the specification of your products. Their packaging and labeling will thus comply with the standards in force in the countries of transit and / or destination.

Secure intermediate storage:  we have a warehouse located 10 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and the main exhibition centers in the Paris region (Villepinte, Le Bourget, Paris Porte de Versailles). This is a perfect storage location while waiting for the material to be transported to the exhibition site (import-export).

Use of adapted means of transport: depending on the destination, the volume and the time constraints, we select the means of transport most suited to your merchandise. Thanks to the multimodal solutions implemented (land, air or sea), we travel long distances, maintaining flexibility, responsiveness and monitoring.

Completion of customs formalities: for export and import, we take care of customs declarations, administrative procedures and the issuance of accompanying documents.


During the event

Delivery to exhibition centers: whatever the volume or the goods transported, we guarantee delivery to the location of the event, all the way to your stand

On-site assistance: our teams and local partners remain available on site to provide personalized support according to your needs. We can thus assist you with the assembling and dismantling of your goods as well as the transfer of your sensitive and / or fragile products.

Management of empty packaging: on site, we ensure the identification and storage of empty packaging to anticipate the end of the event and the reconditioned return of products with complete peace of mind.


After the event

Return transport and customs formalities: we guarantee the return of products under the same security conditions as their outward journey. For this, we choose the best means of transport to repatriate the goods within a defined period and according to your budget.

Checking the condition of the products: depending on the nature of the products, we can transfer them to an approved service provider for any necessary repairs.

Redelivery and / or transfer: after the return of the goods, we ensure their redelivery to the original address or schedule their transfer to the next event within the agreed timeframe. In the meantime, the goods can be stored in our warehouses located in the Paris region.


We are ready, whatever the challenges of your sector and your event



  • Heavy industry
  • Defense and Aeronautics
  • Space
  • Communications
  • Automotive
  • Bank
  • Medical
  • Environment
  • Art


  • Trade fairs
  • Roadshows
  • Project Cargo
  • Private demonstrations

Exceptional partners

Drawing on our experience alongside major players in many sectors, we have surrounded ourselves with an operational network of excellence. The latter is made up of different actors who support us in our field operations well beyond European borders.

It is over the long term and thanks to excellent relationships that we have been able to develop this network of international agents, trusted subcontractors and other powerful partners. The mutual trust of our allies and the quality of their structure, regardless of their size, drives the success of our global operations.

Every day shows us the importance of working with these partners whose support and responsiveness are the strength of the network. It is by moving forward together that we can meet the needs of our customers and ensure their satisfaction!

Thus, on a daily basis, we take up the challenges one by one by working together with the sole objective of ensuring the progress of your event in the best possible conditions.


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